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Don't You Wish You Could Worship This Ass?

Emilia Song shows off her ass in tiny white shorts, and a small red top. I bet you wish you could just reach out and touch it, huh? Emilia slaps her ass, and teases you by slowly lifting the fabric on her shorts over her cheeks. Emilia begins to unbutton her shorts, and she rocks her hips back and forth as she pulls her shorts over her ass. Emilia quickly pulls her shorts back over her ass, and grabs her cheeks. Emilia finally takes off her shorts completely, leaving just a tiny lime green thong. She pulls her ass cheeks apart, so you can see her asshole peeking from behind her thong. Do you want to touch it? Too bad You know youre not allowed. Emilia shakes her cheeks back and forth, and begins to pull down her lime green thong. Emilia pulls apart her cheeks, showing off her tight little asshole. She introduces you to her friend, Conor. Conor is a real man he begins to kiss her ass, worshiping her cheeks. Conor licks Emilias asshole, while she brags to you about how good it feels. Dont you wish you could get a lick? Emilia teases and taunts you for being inferior, and unworthy of worshipping her ass. Conor lays back and Emilia sits on his face.

Released:Jul 29, 2022
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:16 min

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