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Hitachi First Timers: Jenny Jett

When girl-next-door newbie Jenny came on set for the first time, we found out that she had NEVER used a hitachi. As we all know, these magic wands have slowly been replacing diamonds as a woman's best friend, so we definitely had to capture her virginal experience on camera! Sporting vibrant floral heels, cute black short shorts, and a bright trippy string bikini thong set, this hottie begins slowly removing all of her clothing as she seductively caresses her perfectly tight body. Jenny gently squeezes her super sensitive nipples and then starts vigorously rubbing her clit, even deciding to bend over so she can shake that amazing ass while finger fucking herself from behind. But enough of the foreplay as she is more than primed and ready for her first experience with the pleasure that comes from the infamous hitachi. Beginning at just the low setting, the vibrations of the magic wand right on her clit send our kinky newcomer moaning in pure ecstasy almost immediately. After several orgasms leaning back, Jenny decides to get a little adventurous and turns the setting to high as she lay face down ass up, perfectly displaying her backside as she can be seen having one orgasm after the other, even causing her legs to violently shake in climax. Looks like she is just the first of many satisfied hitachi first timers!Also watch short post-scene interview at end of clip and listen to Jenny explain firsthand her experience right after we called cut!

Released:Feb 22, 2021
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Length:12 min

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